Why shopping on Amazon is a great idea

Shopping on Amazon is a Great Idea. Here’s Why

Like several people here, I have had a big problem shopping online. I was always scared my clothes will arrive in poor quality or worse, it won’t be my size. Till 2018, I had never considered getting anything from Amazon. Getting stuff online just scares me.

Do you know what changed my mind?

One afternoon in 2017, I was with a friend and he walked over to his closet and pulled out a large shirt (He’s a big guy). I ran over to him to examine this shirt. I was amazed by the nice quality and I think those kinds of shirts are just my style. It looked pretty great on him too. Although, I ended up collecting it from him and I still wear it till today.

Shopping on Amazon could be a pretty great experience because you’re doing everything from the comfort of your home. You could even be cooking and shopping at the same time. We all know the troubles of going shopping in an actual store, especially if you’re on a budget. Several times, what you want does not fit your budget.

Let’s see steps you should carry out to enjoy a great Amazon shopping experience.

What to do to enjoy a great online shopping experience

1.       Glance through the pictures

Looking at the pictures alone is a great way of seeing how well the clothes would fit you. At times, the pictures may show different models that help you identify the one that relates to you. In most cases, they don’t. This means you may have to use ‘Google search’ if you need the pictures of a model with a similar size to you.

2.       Check the size chart

Before you check the size chart, you should know the exact size you wear, so you don’t purchase clothes that do not fit you. The size chart is a pretty good way to see if Amazon has what you want. It helps you make fewer mistakes and also get the right size for your body type. If you’re not too sure about how you want it to look on you (fitted or a bit loose), you can just get a size slightly larger.

3.       Read the reviews

Ah! This one you should never ignore. You might even skip glancing through Amazon’s pictures and check the review immediately you find what you like. In the review section, you’ll see people’s pictures of themselves in these clothes and also what they have to say on the clothes. This is where you’ll most likely know if the material is too light, see-through, or heavy. Amazon also tells you if the reviewer made a verified purchase, so you know which is authentic and which ones are not.

When shopping for non-fashion items such as electrical and electronic appliances, checking the reviews is one excellent way of knowing good products.

4.       Take risks

Sometimes, you just have to take a risk when shopping on Amazon. You might not see reviews on certain products or you might love an item that has only 2 reviews. That’s pretty scary.

But, you would never know if it looks great on you or works well in your home if you don’t purchase it. If you don’t like it when it arrives, you can always return it and then drop your review on the site so others know if the item is great or not.

5.       Have it in mind that you may return what you’re purchasing

When you’re shopping, you should keep in mind that you may not like what you’re getting when it finally arrives. This saves you the disappointment and the stress of groaning every six seconds because you just had to return what you thought would be the best thing you’ve purchased in a while.

Why you should try Amazon instead of going to a traditional store

1.       Shopping at your convenience

As I said earlier, when shopping on Amazon, you could be doing a million other things at the same time (feeding your kids, watching television, taking a dump, and even listening to music). Pregnant ladies and women with kids will understand better the joys of shopping conveniently. You also save money on gas or transport fare to the clothing store (except you live beside the shop).

Moreover, physical stores have closing times but online stores such as Amazon are on 24/7. You can wake up by 3 am and decide you want to buy a new shoe for the meeting you’ll be attending the next week.

2.       You can test them at home

Testing your purchases at home is a very good reason to shop online. Some physical stores have a non-refund policy, which means you take whatever you’re buying and never come back except you want to get another. This is because you would have tested it at their shop (something that might be done in a rush).

On Amazon, you don’t have any choice but to test it when it reaches your home. You have time to walk in it to see if it’s comfortable enough and you can also get comments from family members, all of which help you decide if you would be returning the clothes or not.

3.       Time-saving

In a physical store, you’re going to spend time going through so many items one after the other to finally find what you like. At times, you may spend several hours in a store because you’re not done shopping. It also takes some time to get to the store and get back home when shopping is done.

Shopping on Amazon saves you a lot of time you which can be spent doing something else. As said earlier, you can be doing several other things even as you shop.

4.       Affordable

If you go through Amazon, you would discover that most of the items there are very affordable. You would purchase them for a lesser price than you would in stores. This saves you extra money which can be used to get other things you find interesting on Amazon.

Why you may not want to venture into Amazon shopping

1.       You can’t get it all on Amazon

Amazon is a global marketplace, but this doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have to visit a physical store once in a while. While you might enjoy the convenience and feel great that you’re always shopping online, you can’t find all the products. You may have to go to a physical store to get some things you may have returned to Amazon.

2.       You may have to pay to have items returned

For several items, shipping back to Amazon because they are not what you expected will cost you some money. Although not a large sum, it might hurt a bit knowing you’ve spent more than you intended to while shopping on Amazon.

This can be easily solved by getting an Amazon Prime Membership. This way, you’ll be able to see items with free shipping both ways. It also makes it much easier to purchase all the products you want from the site.

3.       It may take a while to shop on Amazon.

This is only going to be a problem for people who are always in a hurry. It might take a little time to go through reviews, pictures, and size charts before making a purchase. But these things are important to buy quality items, and the time it takes to do all these is still less what you spend in physical stores. If you’re going to shop, it is best to set aside other things so you can get it done pretty quickly.

For people who want to build a budget-friendly home, shopping on Amazon is a great way to do this. It ensures that your wardrobe is filled with what you truly love and you’ll most likely wear for a long time.

 This article contains some items from Amazon. We get a discount on some of the products you purchase but be rest assured they're all excellent products. 

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