how to improve yourself every day

10 Practical Ways To Improve Yourself Every Day

Tired of procrastinating, lying, and cheating yourself every day? Making that decision to improve yourself is the best thing that can happen to your life. We all have things we’d like to change about ourselves. Leaping may sound daunting, but improvements don’t have to be huge. Taking one tiny step at a time, you get to improve yourself every day. As we all know, little droplets of water make the mighty ocean.

For you to embark on the journey of self-improvement, you must be honest with yourself and open to change. Areas of improvement could be your physical shape, mental health, financial status, quality of life, job, academics, and relationships with family and friends. Life will only get better when you also get better. In other words, when you think about it, you’ll discover there’s always something for you to improve on. The human potential is endless.

In this article, we’ll be looking at ways you can improve yourself every day to become the best version of yourself.

Improve or learn a new skill

What skills can you improve on or learn?

People try to frighten you when they say ‘opportunities only come once’. But, that is a lie; opportunity knocks all the time.

Most people forget to hone their existing skills or learn a new one. Mastering skills helps you improve yourself every day but it requires commitment and consistency to see it through.

Contrary to popular beliefs, a jack of all trades can handle life issues better than a master of only one. Learning new skills or improving on old ones is fun; it makes you have more to offer, more to share, and gives you the confidence to face tasks.

Skills to build on include problem-solving, leadership, time management, decision making, and many more things they don’t teach in school. You can also hone your writing skills or pick up a new language, master your driving skills or public speaking skills. You get to make that decision.

Technology has made it a lot easier to learn with the aid of the internet, computers, and mobile devices. With just a few clicks, you have access to thousands of articles, videos, podcasts, and blogs. Online courses are also a great way to gain new knowledge and skills.

Prioritize yourself

Worried about everyone in your life all the time?

It’s time to start thinking about yourself. Prioritizing yourself is important for self-improvement. It is good to help other people, but don’t forget about yourself too. When you don’t make yourself a priority, everything can go downhill. It is time to start putting your needs back on the table. Take that initiative today.

Good things come to those who go out and get them; you can’t improve yourself every day by waiting for things to find you. Follow your passion, and do something that matters to you. Worrying about what other people think of you puts a lot of pressure on you. You get distracted and lose focus.

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When was the last time you read a book, a beneficial magazine, or an article?

On this journey of self-improvement, one of the things you should do more often is reading. Reading opens up a whole new world to you. You stand to gain a lot of knowledge and wisdom to improve yourself from the books/articles you read.  Reading will help you grow in various ways: socially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.  

Everything you read gives you new pieces of information, and you may never know when you’ll need it. The more knowledge you have, the better-equipped you are to tackle any challenge you’ll ever face. The more you read, the more you expand your vocabulary. Being articulate and well-spoken is of great help in any profession, and this can boost your self-esteem.

Technology has made it a lot easy to keep up with reading. You don’t have to sit in the library or visit the newspaper stand to get materials to read.

There’s a reading genre for every literate person on Earth ranging from literature to fashion, magazines, biographies, motivational books, religious texts, science journals, romance novels, or sportsbooks. There’s something out there to capture your curiosity and imagination. With your mobile phone, you can read anytime and anywhere; on the train ride home, break time at the office, even in your bedroom. Pause your Netflix binge session for a while and improve yourself.

Get out of your comfort zone

Remaining in your comfort zone prevents you from improving yourself every day. These are the boundaries where you feel most comfortable. So, you are unwilling to grow because you believe everything is fine.

If you limit yourself to what you already know, you miss out on career opportunities, life experiences, and a real chance to learn new skills or change bad habits.

What is your comfort zone? Are you scared of taking that new job? Do you stay indoors most of the time? Do you keep to the same routine?

It’s time to do something different.

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. It’s time to take your first step out of that cocoon. Starting a new job will be difficult and learning that new language won’t be easy. You don’t even want to talk about your first day at the gym.

Don’t give up! As you gain momentum, things will get easier.

Positive Mentality

Have a positive mentality

 A positive mentality gives you more confidence, improves your mood, and reduces your chances of going into depression and other stress-related illnesses. Behind every great success story, you’ll find a positive mentality. Before you can achieve a goal, you must set your mind to it and stay positive about the outcome.

When you decide to become a better person, you will encounter a lot of obstacles. You might worry about what other people think or even second guess yourself. Sometimes, you won’t be able to get rid of the negative thoughts.

However, you can defeat these negative thoughts with a positive mentality. Little statements like, “I’m going to have a great day” or “I’m going to excel at my job” can go a long way in your self-improvement journey.

You’re going to make mistakes in different situations, at different jobs, and with different people. Instead of focusing on how you failed, think of what you’re going to do next time. Transform that negativity into positivity.

Set your goals

Setting goals will give your life direction. Pursuing these goals gives your life meaning and substance. For you to improve yourself, you need to set S.M.A.R.T. goals. S.M.A.R.T. goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

These goals give you the motivation to stay focused and follow through on your plans. You can set goals in various aspects of your life. It could be aspects like health, career, finance, and education.

Tracking your progress as you work towards your goal will give you a sense of achievement and inspire you to do more. Goals that seem distant and out of reach will become attainable as you improve yourself and grow.

Quit bad habits

Habits make the man.

Habits are often overlooked, but they affect every aspect of our lives. They influence most of our daily actions: your morning routine, what you eat for lunch, how you dress, the way you react to things around you. We have lots of bad habits that make us less productive, less effective, and less healthy.

Think about your bad habits: oversleeping, telling lies, lateness, poor money management, and so on. What do they say about you?

For you to improve yourself every day, you have to break free from bad habits and develop good ones. You can’t become perfect in a day. It’s a steady process that brings about satisfaction when the goal is accomplished. After dealing with a habit, you’ll be ready to tackle the rest.

Surround yourself with positive people

How to improve yourself every day -Surround yourself with positive people

The people you move around with influence you.

We are surrounded by people every day, some of these people are a joy to be with and even encourage us. Some people can have the opposite effect on you though, draining you of positive energy and hindering your plans to improve yourself every day.  If you are always around unmotivated people or people with bad habits, you too will be unmotivated or pick up some of these habits.

Once you start thinking about the people you interact with, it becomes easier for you to work towards filling your life with people with positivity. All you have to do is assess the people you spend the most time with; reflect on how they influence you. The decision will bring about that vital change on this journey of self-improvement. While this may not be easy for you to do, you must remember it’s your life and you need to do what is best for you.

Get a mentor

How to improve yourself every day - Get a coach

Getting an experienced and qualified mentor or coach to work with you is a good way to improve yourself. Mentors will guide you through many of life’s intricacies.

Some people achieve more results when they work with mentors. You can find a mentor who is successful at what you want to do and learn from them. It can be a teacher, coach, boss, family member, or friend. Think about people you admire.

Doing this will give you great insight into what traits and habits you need to improve on, and what are the things holding you back.

Although having a mentor is beneficial, you can’t just choose anyone. it is also important to find the right person to take this role. This individual should be someone you can talk freely with, who is also willing to share experiences and help you in both professional and personal ways. 

Stop Procrastinating

I’ve deliberately left this as the final one. Procrastination can stop you from doing all the previous things in this article. I have never heard anyone procrastinate their way to success before.

Get up from the couch and start making moves. I can tell you lots of ways to improve yourself. But if you don’t take action, it’s all for nothing.

Act immediately on what needs to be done because procrastination won’t get it done. Get a hold of yourself and improve your discipline. NOW is the time to act on the goals we talked about earlier. If you don’t start it today, you won’t finish it tomorrow. Putting it off won’t make it disappear; you are just making it harder and scarier.

You are responsible for your personal growth, not anyone else. Decide to improve yourself every day on the life-long journey of growth and change. Take some action today! You may not see the results immediately, but as long as you keep to it, you’ll see the positive changes in your life

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