Best Websites for Selling Your Goods – Our Top 15 Pick

Selling your items online is now one of the best ways of making money. The internet allows you to connect with millions of people who are interested in your product. In this article, we would be showing you the 15 best websites for selling your goods.

eBay is one of these popular websites. It has been in use since 1995, allowing thousands of people to sell products from their homes. As years passed, several policies of the company changed. As a result, people are migrating to other platforms.

Although eBay still remains one of the best, let’s see the others in this category.

Amazon - one of the best websites for selling goods

Amazon is a very large online marketplace. It started as a small online bookstore, but it now has a majority of people shopping for different products. Some time ago, a friend told me that over 70% of families in the United States shop on Amazon. So, I carried out my research and discovered that over 75% shop on this site. That is even more than he thought.

So, imagine you putting some products on Amazon for sale. With the right marketing techniques, you should be reaching tens and hundreds of thousands of people.

Amazon also has its policies. After several people have purchased your items, Amazon recommends it to others who they think will be interested in them. That even draws more people to your product.

Before you start selling on Amazon, be prepared to put in a lot of hard work. This is because there is a lot of competition to become one of the top Amazon sellers. To do this easily, optimize your Amazon seller central, and sell profitable items. Don’t decide to sell something no one is interested in. You would lose out.

ebay -One of the best websites for selling goods

Yes, we still put eBay on the list. Although people are trying different options, eBay remains a very valid option for people who want to sell their products. There are lots of benefits to selling on this platform.

It is usually referred to as an auction site, but this marketplace that has over 168 million active buyers will be a good fit for your product. You can sell electronics, furniture, jewelry, books, and even items such as essential oils.

When selling there, just try to stay on top of your game. So, you don’t end up lost in the crowd of sellers.

Also, the fee structure of eBay is quite simpler than that of Amazon. For selling items on eBay, you pay up to 10% of the final sale price of that item.

alibaba - one of the best websites for selling goods

Alibaba is the leading online marketplace in Asia. There are over 40 categories of items you can sell on Alibaba, so there’s so much to choose from. As mentioned above, try to sell a highly profitable item.

Also, on Alibaba, you can sell your products to over 190 countries. To sign up on this site is free. So, you can access several people in the world for less. But, there’s also a membership option which involves you paying a fee. With the membership option, you can access several people around the world.

To get more out of your seller’s account, the site has an online training center and even organizes events for sellers.

Why not take a look to see if it suits your needs.

Etsy started in 2005. Then, it was just an online community for vintage enthusiasts, artists, and crafters. Now, Etsy is following the two giants, Amazon and eBay very closely. With over 1.6 million active sellers and 26.1 million buyers, you can get your products to so many people, as long as people want them.]

Unlike Amazon and eBay, you won’t find anyone looking for just anything on Etsy.

What does this mean?

Etsy specializes in certain types of items. Their main focus from the beginning hasn’t changed so much. So, on this site, you can sell items such as jewelry, fashion accessories, gift items, costumes, home decorations, and other handmade and vintage goods.

So, if you’re an artist, Etsy should be your first stop to find buyers and other sellers like you.

Etsy is a place for very unique items. So, be creative. Before you decide to sell wholesale products, go through the Etsy seller guideline carefully, so you don’t violate one of them.

Zazzle is another one of the best websites for selling your goods. Just like Etsy, Zazzle is a home for artists. In this online marketplace, designers are allowed to create ready-made products. Moreover, you can decide to do whatever you want to sell, ranging from clothing and accessories to greeting and invitation cards, and even items for babies and pets.

But before you start selling, you have to understand how to use Zazzle’s design tools. With these tools, you will create the products you want to sell. Moreover, on this site, you determine what you earn from every sale you make.

rakuten - one of the best websites for selling goods

Rakuten is a Japan-based website that sits on the list of the best websites for selling your goods. It is often referred to as the “Amazon of Japan.” Considering the huge population of Japan, it is a great place to sell your items. Over 90% of internet users out of the country’s 126 million citizens, use Rakuten.

That’s quite a lot of people you would be reaching on the platform.

Unlike Amazon which has products also listed on the website, Rakuten does not compete with its sellers. Also, you can customize your seller’s site (online store) to your preference on Rakuten. This makes it very different from other eCommerce websites.

Several big brands sell on Rakuten. For example, Lenovo, Airweave, and Dell have their products listed.

bonanza - one of the best websites for selling goods

Bonanza is a new e-commerce site, but it is climbing up the ranks so fast that it is now regarded as one of the best. Over 22 million items are sold on Bonanza. Also, there are more than 44,000 sellers on the site, making good money.

There are merchants and shoppers on Bonanza from almost every country in the world. So, your product still reaches a large number of people.

This platform is the home for unique and extraordinary items, and items sold on this site are not limited by categories. Moreover, it is one of the easiest platforms to use to sell your product. It is free to list an item on Bonanza, and Bonanza doesn’t make any profits until you make sales. So, if you have something great you want to sell, try Bonanza.

ebid - one of the best websites for selling goods

eBid is not well-known yet, but it is very similar to Amazon and eBay. Although you’ll be selling to a smaller number of buyers, you won’t spend as much as you would on eBay or Amazon. Also, this means that you will make a lesser profit.

There are a variety of product categories you can list of eBid. For example, you can sell her include Books, Toys, and Craft Supplies among others. It is suitable for people who want to try out cheaper alternatives for selling their products.

Fruugo is one of the best websites for selling your goods. It is an eCommerce website that helps you reach up to 1 million people over the world. This website delivers to 32 countries. Although the reach is not as great as many other websites, it is still a good place to sell your products.

Signing up on Fruugo is very easy. Also, there are handy translation tools that help you sell your products across multiple languages and in 21 currencies. You’re only charged when you sell a product. They charge a 15% transaction fee and a 2.35% funds processing fee.

Newegg is meant mainly for tech enthusiasts. They take pride in being the #1 eCommerce store for tech. This marketplace boasts of up to 36 million customers. So, if you have items ranging from smart home items, electronics, computers, computer parts, entertainment, and gaming products, you can sell them on Newegg.

On Newegg, you have a much-defined audience. The membership options vary from free, to $29.95 a month, and then $99.95 a month. If you go for the paid options, you have more support, listings, and flexibility to sell your products.

Meanwhile, you should know that Newegg takes a commission rate of between 8% and 15%.

Ruby Lane is also one of the best websites for selling your goods. It is so similar to eBay and Bonanza. On this e-commerce website, people buy and sell vintage collectibles, jewelry, antiques, and various forms of art.

Over 1 million people visit the site every month. Most of them are located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia, but the site is visited by people in more countries all over the world.

When compared to eBay, Ruby Lane is much more niche. Over 85% of its users are women aged over 40. These women call themselves ‘collecting enthusiasts.’ So, if you have items, people will be willing to collect for safekeeping, selling on Ruby Lane may be a great option.

Poshmark is a place for selling clothing online. On Poshmark, you can sell men, women, and children’s clothing. For any clothing item you sell under $15, you pay a fee of $2.95 to the company. For items over 15%, the fee is 20%. The buyers are also charged for shipping the products to them.

Swappa - One of the best websites for selling goods

These sites are very similar in how they operate. They are less of marketplaces and more of resellers. So, they give you a quote on whatever electronic item you want to sell. This could be laptops, phones, or tablets. Then, they ship a box over to you. So, you can then send it to them.

So, if you have electronics that just gather dust in your wardrobe, these are great places to sell them for lower prices and make quick money.

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