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Best Side Gigs to Make Extra Money

At a point in our lives, we all have sat down and wished there was something we could do to increase our monthly income. Most times, people working 9-5 make barely enough to take care of their monthly expenses. Newbies in the market even find it harder, because they have no prior experience and earn less. Some people have been able to get over this problem by taking side gigs to make extra money.

According to the survey by Bankrate, 44 million Americans have side gigs that make them money apart from income from their 9-5 jobs. 

Having a job that allows you to travel the world and live the life you’ve always admired may not be attainable by sticking with your daily jobs alone.

Before we look at the best side gigs to make extra money, let’s see what side hustle means and how you can build a successful one.

What is a Side Gig?

From the name, we can simply say a side gig is a type of work you do besides your normal job. Most people who have side gigs are those who are not comfortable with their earnings. They haven’t been able to save as they should, and they live from hand to mouth.

Even if you don’t live with the money in your pocket and have a little extra to save monthly, having a side gig is still a good idea. The average person dreams of having the life of a celebrity with or without the paparazzi attached. We want to travel around the world, meet new people, eat new foods, and try new things. 

With the 9-5 job, we are stuck on a wheel that keeps turning. There’s no sufficient money to spend and you don’t even have time to enjoy life. A side gig is a way to earn extra thousands of dollars monthly until you can even decide to quit your day job.

How to Build A Successful Side Gig

Know what you want

Whenever you do something you don’t remotely have an interest in, you tend to fail at it. I’m not saying you should eat, sleep, and dream of something before you make it your side hustle. Rather, you should have an interest in it. 

Whatever you get yourself involved in should be something you like reading about, talking about, or thinking about. In case none of this applies to you, you should find something you have an interest in learning about. In this case, as you grow in the business, your business also grows.

The bottom line of this is that you shouldn’t just do a random job because you need money. You would do terribly, and no one would hire you anymore. That’s a failure even before you’ve gotten anywhere.

Make investment decisions early

Before starting your side business, decide on how much you’re going to invest in it. For instance, if you’re going into blogging, you may want to get a domain name and hosting plan with a reputable company. This will definitely cost you some money, no matter how little. 

 Don’t kill your day job

Some people make the mistake of ending their day jobs because they want to start another business. A side gig goes by that name because it is done besides your day job. As long as your side hustle doesn’t provide you with thousands of dollars than your 9-5 job, never dream of quitting your day job.

Set aside time for your side gig

Your side gig shouldn’t be competing with your 9-5 job. What do I mean? 

You shouldn’t become less efficient on your day job because you’re also working on your side hustle at the same time. You can reserve your side business for the evening hours while you do your best at your day job.

Putting aside extra hours during the weekend and taking a few hours off your evening would keep your business on the right track.

For example, when you’re into blogging, you can’t schedule posts for the entire month and decide to forget about the blog until the next month. It will never work out great.

15 Best Side Gigs to Make You Extra Money


This is one of the most popular side gigs out there. Everyone has skills. Why not use one of these skills to provide value to people. The beauty of freelancing is that you can start from scratch and build your career until you decide how much you get paid.

Writers and editors, graphics designers, website builders, and artists can freelance and earn good money on the side. When starting, you may not be able to get your first clients on large boards such as Problogger. You can easily get your first few clients on job sites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr. From $5 per hour, people have developed themselves to the point where they charge over $100 per hour. 

What’s more? 

You get to work whenever you want.

Sell your used items

We all have those shoes in our cupboards and clothes in the closet we aren’t wearing anymore. At times, we dispose of them not because they’re worn out, but because we don’t feel like using them anymore.

Don’t let items like this liter your house. Instead, dust them up, make them look good, and put them up for sale.

You can organize garage sales or even go as far as opening an online thrift store where you sell these items to people. This way, you’re getting the money that would have been rotting in your wardrobe.


Blogging is one of the best side gigs to make you extra money over time. Starting a blog isn’t difficult. You can get everything done by getting a domain name, hosting, and setting up on WordPress. 


While people say blogging is a means of generating passive income, it can become your sole source of income if done right. If you decide to go into blogging, write on things you are passionate about and would be able to tell so much on.

You should also aim to be of help to people with your blog. This way, you get lots of traction when you make a post.


If you have something good sitting up there in your brain, why don’t you teach others? Anyone can become a tutor as long as you can prove that you have the knowledge required. If you’re a college student, you can tutor middle and high school students. Bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. holders can also teach students in college. Some of the sites where you can get online tutoring jobs include and Tutor Me.

Tutoring as a side gig to make extra money


Dropshipping is one of the most interesting side gigs you can be involved in. You don’t need any money to start, so there’s no risk involved. All you have to do is get someone’s product to sell without having to purchase an inventory. All you need to focus on is marketing these products and great customer service. The manufacturer even handles the cost of shipping the products to consumers.

If you know one or two things about marketing, you would find this job very lucrative. Moreover, you get to do what you love. If you’re into fashion and art, you can sell fashion items. If you like cooking and baking stuff, you can see cooking utensils and ingredients. It gives you the ultimate freedom of working whenever and wherever you want without investing a dime.

Be an eBay or Etsy seller

You can sell anything you want on eBay for a higher price than you got it. If you’re interested in making your own greeting cards, Etsy is the perfect place to sell them. As an illustrator or artist, you can also put your art on items and have them printed on demand.

Join affiliate marketing programs

There are various affiliate programs that earn you some money when you’re able to sell products with their links. It’s not only about finding the right product to sell, but you also have to find the right brand to market with. If you do things wrong, you’ll end up making nothing. The amount of money you make from affiliate marketing depends on what company you partner with. For instance, affiliate marketing with tech companies such as Shopify can make you up to $2000 per sale. 

Sell e-courses or webinars

If you have expertise in a particular sector, you can teach people what you know. Most importantly, you should aim to help people solve their problems with these courses. For instance, if you’re a pro in health and fitness-related matters, you can create a guide on how people struggling with weight loss can get rid of their extra fat by dieting. You can also include a recipe for the various foods they should be taking during their weight-loss period. You can publish an informative ebook on Amazon and share the link to people who would be interested in the product.

Most times, you can make more money by publishing more than one book or running several courses. 

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Rent your car

If you have more than one vehicle or you’re not making use of the one you have, you can rent it out and earn some money when people use your vehicle. Listing your car on Turo is one way you can earn from it. Turo can either set your daily price or you set it yourself. Everyone is screened properly before they’re accepted. But once you are accepted, you would enjoy the benefits of renting out your car. These benefits include 65-85% of the trip price and you have $1 million dollar liability insurance with full support every day.

Car rental as a side gig to make extra money

Become an Instagram influencer

Becoming an Instagram influencer is one of the best side gigs to make extra money.

Almost everyone likes to be famous. We want to become celebrities. With the constant rise in the use of social media, it is not so difficult to become one anymore. Even if you don’t like everyone to know your business, you can still become an influencer on Instagram posting what you love. If you like dressing up fashionably, you can build your account and grow your following. You then start getting gigs from the industry related to your niche. Some influencers charge between $200 – $400 per post, but the amount you charge depends on the number of followers you have.

Get involved in real estate

According to research carried out by The Hustle, a higher percentage of people who have side hustles are involved in real estate. The study also showed that people who participated in real estate also earned more than people in other industries yearly. They made about $90/hr working for 6 hours per week. If you decide to work for longer periods, you can even make much more.

Sell photography

Do you like taking pictures with a camera? You can build a business by selling these pictures online. Sites like Foap allow you to sell pictures taken on your phone. If you love taking pictures of your city, you can decide to sell to local newspapers and magazine publications. 


Because you don’t make so much by selling online, most photographers go into wedding photography. With wedding photography, you can make over a thousand dollars a day. You can get involved in both methods to maximize your sales.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a very broad field. If you have the skills and have probably taken a few digital marketing courses, you can help new businesses grow their online presence. You can also decide to focus on social media marketing, email marketing, and so on. The numbers of digital marketing jobs are on the rise. There’s an increase in businesses being established, and everyone needs an online presence. You can start by charging a few dollars per hour. But as you go on, and start filling up your portfolio, you get more well-paying gigs from companies.

Part-time job

There are various part-time jobs you can do to earn some extra money. Some of these jobs include babysitting, serving as a restaurant, receptionist, administrative assistant, and dog walking. You should not expect to get so much from some of these part-time jobs, but some of them would provide you with enough to support your monthly salary.

After you finish your work daily, you would most likely be tired. On job sites online, you can find jobs that give you a flexible schedule, so you don’t burn out quickly. 

Take online surveys

Taking online surveys is not an actual job, but you can still use it to earn a few dollars. You can find survey sites that pay over $50 per survey, but you need to be careful when selecting sites to carry out surveys on. Some of these sites are not legit and would end up being a waste of your time.


Some of the sites you can get them on include My Points, Swag Bucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars. To save time spent on taking surveys, you can do them while doing other things.


Not all side gigs would provide you with the same level of income. The list above contains some of the best side gigs to make you extra money. With some, you would get thousands of dollars in a short time while others might take you longer.

Whatever side gig you decide to get yourself involved in, you would be able to increase your monthly income by putting in your time and effort.

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