Ways to make money during the coronavirus pandemic

20 Ways to Make Money During The Coronavirus Pandemic

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have lost their jobs while others are not paid because no one is going to work. Without any source of income, people begin to worry that they might not have enough money to keep themselves and their families until the end of the lockdown. So, you have to find out ways to make money at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

The March jobs report released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Department showed that the unemployment rate in the United States rose to 4.4 percent with the loss of over 700,000 jobs in the economy. The same thing is happening in various countries across the world, with some even showing increase in domestic violence due to lack of income. Within the first week in April, 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment claims as opposed to the previous record of 695,000 people.

As you can see, the pandemic is affecting everyone negatively. Moreover, the situation is very likely to worsen because no one really knows how long it will take before the outbreak is curbed and everyone can return to their normal lives. But, you shouldn’t get scared or worry too much. There are various activities you can carry out and several ways to make money at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

20 Ways to Make Money at Home during the Coronavirus Pandemic


If you haven’t looked into drop-shipping before, now is the right time to get your laptop out and begin to work. Drop-shipping is a method of retail where you don’t really need to have the product you’re selling.

When a customer makes an order from your store, you purchase the item from a third-party, and they ship it to the customer.

So, you never have to buy anything in bulk, hoping that people will buy the product. Also, you don’t need to invest a penny in managing your inventory or storing products.

You can start a drop-shipping account on online selling platforms such as Amazon or eBay.


Do you type really fast? You can turn this skill into a source of income during this period. All you need to do is listen to an audio file that will be sent to you and type it out. Most times, your pay is determined by the duration of your typing. So, the faster you are, the more you get to earn.

Also, you should know that there are various factors that influence how fast you type as a transcriber. They include the background noise in the file, audio quality, the speed at which the speaker talks, and the accent of the speaker.

A transcriber typically completes one audio hour in about four hours, typing 75 to 100 words per minute.

Sign up to be an audiobook narrator

Becoming an audiobook narrator is one of the lucreative ways to make money at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Audiobooks are becoming more popular. Many people listen to them while they are carrying out other activities like jogging, clearing the lawn, and cooking among others. This increase in the popularity of audiobooks has been attributed to the increase in the use of smartphones.

If you have a great voice that can tell a story properly, nothing stops you from becoming a narrator. This article from Book Riot shows you how you can become a good audiobook narrator.

Become a fitness coach

Do you have a nice body that can pass as fit? You can use that body to help many people now and even after the coronavirus outbreak. Now that many people can go to the gym, yoga studios, and other fitness community programs they attend, they are looking for a way to keep up the progress they’ve already made at home.

Many fitness professionals have started offering online classes. You can join them too. Just take a couple of nice pictures, tell friends to help you share your fliers online, and start getting your students. You can use platforms such as zoom to offer your classes. Before you start, you should check out the videos of other fitness tutorials to see how it is done. If you do a lot of muscle-building normally and you weren’t a trainer before now, you can also use this opportunity to get certified as a fitness coach. This process can be carried out entirely online. You can start on the National Council on Strength and Fitness site.

Virtual assistance

Now that a lot of people are at home and the federal tax deadline in the United States has been extended to July 15, tax preparers and accountants have even more work to do. Data entry is one important work they have to carry out, and they may not be able to do everything without some help.

So, if you have a personal computer at home, why not apply for these data entry jobs? You should be able to get something that pays a reasonable amount while you stay at home. Other jobs you can carry out as a virtual assistant is help managing schedules which may sometimes involve placing calls to a few people.

But, you get your money for every work you carry out.

Carry out surveys

Surfing the internet is one of the ways to make money at home during the coronavirus pandemic. I’m sure during this period, most people are online, checking funny videos on YouTube or Instagram and sharing them with friends. In your spare time, you can make money by do other things online outside social media.

One of these things is filling online surveys and carrying out internet research. With this, you can make up to $2,000 extra on your monthly income. Remember that this job can be carried out in your spare time. So, you have a lot of time to get income from other sources too while you do this.

For instance, if you add the site Qmee to your browser, you earn money when you click on a search result. There are also surveys on Qmee that you can cash out from. Other survey sites you should look at include Valued Opinions, Survey Junkie, and SurveyBods.

Create an online course

Making an online course is one of the best ways to generate passive income. Although you may not start getting a lot of money immediately, you’ll reap the benefits even after the pandemic is over.

People write and sell e-books to share their knowledge on a particular topic or skill. But, you can do more than that. You can make tutorials, create various PDFs, and make videos that will help people get better insight on the course.

Many people pay a lot for online courses, and even go ahead to create groups where they ask questions related to the course.


Blogging has been seen as one of the ways to make money. The income gotten from blogging is usually passive, except you invest some money into it at the start.

When blogging, you should try to focus on a niche you have some expertise on. It could be something you learned while growing up that you thing may help others. You can go into any niche you are good at such as lifestyle, travel, food, finance. The more specific you are, be better your chances at meeting your target audience.

There are a lot of blogs focusing on the same things these days. So, you should aim at standing out from the crowd.


Proofreading is one of the lucrative ways to make money during the coronavirus pandemic. If you’re a goof English speaker and writer, you can easily make money by correcting the errors in a document and turning it into a great piece.

Most agencies pay around 25% of the money given to a translator to a proofreader. So, if a five-page standard business document is translated at $75 per hour, the proofreader will be paid $18 to $20 per hour.

As a proofreader, you can work any time you like. So, if you’re joggling several jobs to make money, you can proofread part-time. You could also work full-time to earn extra if you have a lot of time on your hands.

Teach English

Are you a native English speaker or so you speak good English? If you fall into any of the above categories, you already have what you need to make some money. Many non-English speaking countries do not have enough English teachers to train their citizens. For instance, you can teach Chinese students on TeachAway or GoOverseas.com, and receive your paycheck anywhere you are in the world. Adult students in Korea are taught English on English Hunt, and you can register on iTutorGroup to teach Taiwanese children and adults.

Open a How-to YouTube Channel

One of the fastest ways to grow on YouTube is to create a channel that teaches people how to achieve something they previously found difficult. There are so many types of videos and guides on YouTube already, and yours can become part of them.

One of the ways to monetize your how-to videos is to put a password and charge a subscription fee. They have to pay to watch them.

Before you start, it is important to do good SEO research. You should know what people search for the most, so you know how you can provide them with the best tutorial videos.

One of the SEO techniques you can employ includes a simple search on YouTube. Type ‘how-to’ into the search bar and see how the first things on the dropdown that pops up.

Start a Podcast

Podcasting is not difficult, and it is also fun. Most times, you enjoy yourself speaking to people and helping them deal with their problems. Find a topic or theme that really interests you and create your podcast based on that theme.

If you have a microphone, and recording software on your laptop, you can easily create a podcast. Podcasts are also a good choice if you’re involved in other activities because you don’t need to make one daily. One a week is usually best.

There are several ways to make money from your podcast. You can advertise your goods and services on it. You can also get commercial sponsorship and payment for advertising for other brands when the podcast grows.

Clean out your closet

You may have been cleaning out your closet just to pass time at home. But do you know you can also make some money from this? If you have fairly-used clothes in your closet that you want to throw out, you can simply resell and make some money on it.

There are many sites where you can sell your gently-used clothes. They include Poshmark, ThredUp, and eBay. If you have quite a lot of items to sell, you can just create your online thrift store and make a lot of money.

It’s a good way to clean your closet and also make cool cash.

When you get out the items you don’t need any more, take very great pictures of them. Most people who purchase these items do so when they look great online. If you don’t take nice pictures, you might as well throw the items away.

If you want to make people feel special so they can come back and purchase more from you, you can also include thank you notes in their packages.

Become an interpreter and translator

Are you fluent in two or more languages? You can use this skill to your advantage by becoming an interpreter. On Welocalize, you’ll find a variety of resources on becoming a translator or interpreter. Expat communities are also a great place to find jobs as a translator because there are many people who do not speak English.

Create an E-Book

One of the great ways to earn money at home during the coronavirus pandemic is to create an e-book. Many people purchase e-books that help them achieve a goal. You can easily publish for free on Kindle and begin to sell your book.

Alternatively, you can look for a book that has been published in print but has no online edition. You can offer the author a one-time payment for the online publishing rights or pay the author 8% – 15% on the royalties made from book sales.

Become a Life Coach

Many people need help. They need the motivation to achieve their personal and professional goals. They need someone to help them overcome their fears and boost their confidence so they can become better people who create goals and achieve them.

If you know you can motivate people, becoming a life coach is a very creative business you might want to look into.

There are many websites online that teach you how to go about it. There are also certification programs that help you set up a website and get things started once you complete them. You can become a coach in whatever field you’re interested in based on your area of expertise.

Start a Content and Web Development Business

Do you know how to build and develop a website? You should stop using these skills to satisfy your friends alone. Instead, you should look more into making some money from it. There are several people who need to build their personal or professional websites but have not found a way around it. With knowledge of how tools like WordPress, Joomia, and Weebly operate, you can create your own business and make money from it.

Become a tutor

Tutoring is one of the best jobs for a flexible lifestyle. No matter where you find yourself, you can impart some knowledge into people who need it. When starting out, it is useful to have a handful of friends who can help you spread word about your new tutoring business. You can also do online marketing on social media to get more people to know about your business.

You can find tutoring jobs on sites like Tutors.com and also become a tutor on Tutorme.com.


Do you have a flair for good marketing? Can you craft a great piece that anyone who sees it will be hooked? Copywriting is one of the best ways to make money during the coronavirus pandemic. This field is in constant need of people with fresh minds and very good marketing message. As a copywriter, you don’t need to live in the United States. This job can be done from anywhere in the world and you will get paid handsomely.

Sell photos

Do you have a good camera and take really nice pictures? Or do you live in areas where there is high demand of fresh images? Don’t sit when you can make money. There are various stock image websites where you can upload your photographs for sale. You get money when anyone buys your photo. You can get clients ranging from designers and magazine editors to other top organizations.

Moreover, these photos can be sold as many times as possible. So, start checking out websites like Shutterstock, Photoshelter, and Getty Images.

Start Making Money

So, now you’ve checked your current budget sheet, and you’ve read this post. You now know that there are various ways to make money during the coronavirus pandemic without leaving your home. Find two or more of these jobs and begin to work. Not only do they give you something to do while you work from home. They also provide enough money for you to use during and after the coronavirus outbreak. So, put your skills to work.

While you plan to start your new job(s), also read on how to manage your finances during the coronavirus outbreak.

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