10 Easiest Ways to Save Money on Luxury Fashion Items

One of the major reasons people spend their savings is because they want to look great. Everyone is dressing in fancy and expensive clothes. So why shouldn’t we put on the same? Then we have second thoughts because we’ve worked so hard to save that money.

“Isn’t that what celebrities wear and influencers use to take pictures on Instagram? Heh… Can I afford that?”

We then go on to spend our savings on clothes and other fashion items because we can’t really help ourselves.

But what if we could?

If you’re reading this, it means you’re looking for ways to save money on fashion items. You’ve gone through your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly finances and fashion is taking almost everything.

You spend a huge sum on clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other accessories to improve your look.

Do you know that one of the best ways to save money on clothes is to buy designer items?

I’m sure you’re wondering how this is possible.

Designer items are known to be of very high quality and last much longer than other products of similar categories. 

Isn’t it better to buy 1 item that lasts for a decade than 10 items that don’t even stay up to 6 months?

In this article, we’ll be looking at ways you can gather enough to purchase these items. While luxury items are not meant for the popular people alone, I would like to remind you that luxury items are not a necessity, but a means to an end. 

Let’s dive into how we can make our dreams a reality, save money and have a designer bag, shoe, or cloth sitting in our wardrobe in a not-so-distant future.

Save money for the important things first

As I said earlier, having a luxury item isn’t a necessity. If you don’t have enough funds to save for a designer item, you would have to keep getting the cheaper items and styling them in such a way that you look as fantastic.

But if you make quite enough, here’s what you have to do – 

Sit down at the table and open a spreadsheet on your PC. You can decide to go old school and grab a pen and paper. 

Save money

Table how much you’ve made and try to save for all things important – college applications, furniture, 401k, and feeding. 

If there’s still money left when you’re done, then you can throw it into another account for the future purchase of your luxury item.

Doing this ensures you don’t go back to eating up the money you’ve already saved.

Don’t take your eyes off the goal

We’re humans and we all get impatient. When you begin to see other items you’re interested in, you become tempted to purchase them, even if they are of inferior quality.

There was a time I needed to get some platform shoes. I had almost completed the amount I needed to save, till I saw some sneakers I fell in love with.

I mean these items were completely unrelated.

My goal was forgotten and I purchased the sneakers. I ended up regretting it. Not because the sneakers we’re bad, but because I still had to purchase the platform shoes.

Hit the sales!

Don’t just jump into buying the product when you have saved the exact amount needed.

Just throwing your money out there goes against being affordable. You have to wait a while for the initial price to drop.

This usually happens during the end of season sales. Although it might be difficult to find a large discount for every item, you would get it at a more affordable price during that period.

Around February-March, you can get pieces that have gone on sale. The companies are willing to give it all out at more affordable prices.


Don’t ignore the coupons

Many fashion brands have online stores where you can purchase their products. Sometimes, they give out coupon codes that allow you to purchase your items at affordable prices.

You can check their policies and the terms and conditions of using the coupon to purchase their products.

Stay out of competitions

“OMG! Nicki Minaj is rocking the new LV bag. I have to get it too”

Wait there…Where are you rushing to?

Even if you’re a celebrity, being in a competition with friends or celebrities is no way to save money on clothes or other fashion items.

If what you’ve purchased isn’t what you’ve always liked and you did it because you need to satisfy your ego or boast to your friends about rocking the same shoes with Gigi Hadid, then you’re not doing yourself a favor.

This item will sit in your wardrobe most of the time. You would end up getting frustrated and selling it for a price much less than you purchased it (that’s if you don’t just give it to your best friend for free). 

In the end, you lose out.

Renting designer items

Do you know that you don’t really have to buy these goods to have them?

There are sites online where you can rent these items for months or till you’re ready to stop using them. 

Renting is usually very affordable when compared to purchasing the item.

And if you end up liking it so much that you want it forever, you can purchase it from most rental companies at a discount. 

A big bonus is that you never have to wash or clean them when returning. They’ll do all that by themselves.

If you want these clothes or accessories for show-off, it’s better renting them.

Try Thrift Shops

Many people run when they hear ‘thrift shops’.

Thrift shops are a way you find all these items at lesser prices than they ought to be sold.

While you may be worried about the quality of your purchase, some of them are almost new when the owner gives it out. When an individual doesn’t like what he/she has, it ends up in a thrift shop for those who appreciate it better.

You might even end up using the money left after purchase to purchase other fashion items for yourself.

Don’t purchase fast-trending items

“Dior has released its new fall collection. Everyone is wearing something that looks like it. I have to get one for myself.”

If you aren’t so rich and have just reached your goals regarding savings, you are making a big mistake!

These trends die fast

When you want to buy a luxury item, think twice. “Will I be able to wear this next year or two?”

When the trend is over, no one would want to buy them back from you. 

It’s going to be an epic lose because you would have to purchase a separate closet to store all your poor choices.

Try getting neutral-colored items that last longer and can be styled with many other items. Bold colors don’t always trend. 

Keep the ones you have

Until you finally have enough to buy your designer clothes or shoes and other affordable items, don’t go ahead to empty your wardrobe with hopes that your money is coming very soon.

What if the money doesn’t come? Will you walk the streets unclad?


You would use the money you’ve saved to purchase cheaper products and repeat the cycle without ever getting what you really wanted.

Even when you’ve got the new goods, you shouldn’t throw old clothes away except they are torn or worn out. You can style your clothes in so many ways, your friends would never know what got into you.

Be Creative

As said in the point above, your wardrobe shouldn’t be empty.

Because you have luxury goods doesn’t mean you should throw the affordable ones away. 

For instance, the illustration above shows a lady stylishly dressed in a luxury bag and very affordable clothes. Here, you can find these affordable trousers and shoes to style with your own clothes. 

Your wardrobe should consist of items from different brands and of varying qualities.


In conclusion, saving up for a luxury item isn’t such a difficult task. In fact, you can have one in your wardrobe in a few months. All it takes is having some savings specifically for it, and staying focused on what you want while following the points above.

If you ever think about spending the money you’ve saved so far, I wrote what I learned after spending my savings and how to stop you from doing the same.

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